Lodi, California


A straight shot up Interstate Highway 5 on July 3rd took us into Lodi where we have lots of family and friends to visit.  Gerry has two sisters, Ann and Colleen (and Bill) and two brothers, Jim (and Julie) and Don (and Lena) in Lodi and countless nieces and nephews there (as well as my godson, Richard and his parents Sandy and Gary).  Gerry's brother Chuck and Betty live in Sacramento along with brother Bud's widow, Peggy.  

Terry grew up in Lodi and always enjoys seeing how much (or how little) things have changed.  Gerry likes to tease her about the Lodi Syndrome.  She's always looking around at people everywhere she goes to see if she recognizes any old classmates.  The problem is, she still looks at the 30-something groups instead of at the older folks.  This time she did recognize a couple of ladies at bingo from a lifetime ago.  Dolores Pfaff and her daughter Valerie were at bingo the evening we went with Julie.  When Terry was nine years old, her mother married Dolores' husband's father.  Valerie's brother was the ring bearer at our wedding.  Mom's marriage to John Pfaff ended not long after our wedding and we had lost touch with the family. 

Terry's best friend from childhood, Terry Becker, now lives in Sacramento.  Getting a chance to visit with her, her mother and one sister was a special treat.  We stayed in an RV park conveniently located right at the edge of town.  We were able to invite almost everyone to our home once or twice.

Sister Ann. Sister Colleen.
Brother Jim. Brother Don.
Betty and Brother Chuck. Sister-in-law Pegi Flaherty.
Gary, Sandy (Terry's Godson) and Richard. Terry Bee (my best buddy).