Kimbolton, Ohio

Our second Ohio stop was at another Coast to Coast RV park near Kimbolton, Ohio.  As we prepared to make our turn into the RV park, to our right was a youth rodeo in progress.  Needless to say, we got set up quickly and went to watch.  Although I've seen a lot of rodeos with Gerry, this one had some events I'd never seen before.  These events were designed to introduce the youngsters to rodeo events.  Instead of bull dogging,  they did steer daubing.  The rider simply chases after the calf and taps it with a large resin filled brush.  The very little ones start with goat-tying.  A goat is tied in the center of the arena and the youngsters run up, touch the rope and then pull a tie from the goat's tail.  The intermediate kids ride up to the goat on their horse first, then do the same thing.  The older kids ride up, tackle the goat and tie up three legs as they do in calf roping.   The littlest ones ride sheep, younger boys and girls rode steers, and the teenagers rode bulls (with horns), but the bulls didn't appear to be as nasty as those on the professional circuit.  And as always, the rodeo clowns were there to protect the kids.

The Little Ones Goat-Tying Riding a Steer
Mutton-Busting Great Ride - Ended in the Mud Though
Taking a Fall Hurts Roping - Dead On
Watching and Waiting