Mountain Home, Idaho


We spent six days at Fort Running Bear RV Resort 23 miles from Mountain Home, Idaho (and anything else) from August 22nd.  We needed some time to regroup, clean up the camper, and work on the computer, etc.  Normally, the water in the nearby reservoir comes up quite close to the campground.  This summer, however, there was very little water in the reservoir.  Cattle grazed on what should be the bottom.  Everything was dry and very dusty.  There was plenty of time for long walks, once all the way down to the current waterline. 

Fort Running Bear RV Resort Another view of the resort View of area
We met Frank Bowman and his wife there.  Frank was practicing his guitar playing and singing with an act he hopes to take on the road.  We were very impressed, especially with some Elvis Presley songs.  He's quite versatile and played and sang a wide variety of songs.  We hope that he does well.

Gerry enjoyed watching a neighbor there combine his grain.  It looked as though he had a trucking business that he took care of during the day and did the fields after 5:00 for as long as there was daylight.  The equipment is obviously quite different from what Gerry knew from his boyhood days.

Combine working in  a field 

We did take one side trip in the Saturn along one of Idaho's scenic byways to see Shoshone Falls.  Unfortunately, there was barely a trickle of water going over the falls.  Postcards of the falls from previous years showed us how much water has gone over the falls in the past.  The scenery was still worth the trip.


Shoshone Falls View down river from the falls