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In mid-September, 2003 we met Lisa in Owensboro when she was there for a class relating to her job.   We were able to meet her dinner for two nights there.   She couldn't bring the kids, but she brought their latest school picture.  What a treat to get to see her!  We returned to the Santa Clarita area on September 6th, 2002 and stayed a week at the Californian RV Resort again.  Jillian started Kindergarten and Jeremy's in Pre-School 5 mornings a week.  Lisa spends a few hours in the office with Mike while the kids are in school, so this was a pretty busy time for them.  They all came back out to visit us at the RV to enjoy the pool and barbeque again.   This year we went to Jillian's school for their Patriots Day Celebration where each class sang a patriotic song and many of the kids did readings.  It was very touching.  Jillian's class sang "The Grand Old Flag".


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Gerry & Lisa Girls Kids School Family Mom Reading Jillian Ball Game

At Mall Jeremy Playing With Us Rides RV Fun

We were in the Santa Clarita area from June 14th through June 28th, 2002.  Gerry doesn't get a chance to spend Father's Day with either of our kids very often, so it was a wonderful treat.  Lisa's folks arrived as well, so the grandkids had Dad and both Grandfathers to celebrate with.  We found a wonderful RV park, the Californian RV Resort, nestled in the mountains between Santa Clarita and Palmdale, where we stayed for two weeks.  Both kids were so tickled to visit the motorhome and checked out all the nooks and crannies.  Just watching them play was wonderful entertainment for all of us.  We all swam in the pool with the kids and enjoyed the sunshine.   Our RV mentors, Jim and Lee Block, joined us at the park for several days, so they got to meet the family as well.  

Rides Pool Jeremy Snacks Dad The Whole Gang