Christmas 2003


We flew to California to spend Christmas 2003 with Mike, Lisa, Jillian and Jeremy.  Nothing beats a Christmas with little ones in the house.  Santa made a big hit with Jeremy with Super Heros stuff and Barbies are still the rage with little girls.  We were there several days before and after Christmas and again after we returned from a quick trip to Lodi.  Just hanging around with the kids was so great.

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If there's one thing that is in ample supply at their household, it is computers.  Mike works from home and has his new one, his old one, his laptop and an IBM left over from when he did a lot of UPS shipping.  Then in comes Terry with her laptop.  Most mornings you could find at least 4 of them occupied.  Both Jillian and Jeremy can find the Barbie and Thomas the Train sites as well as any number of others and insert and play CD games, like Finding Nemo.


We also got together with Kathy Ganino again.  We last saw her in Myrtle Beach in September for her daughter Ann's wedding.  We had a wonderful lunch together.  Thanks to her we got a great family picture of the six of us.