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Before 2004


While in the Sarasota, Florida area in January, 2003, we drove over to Orlando to see Vicki, who just happened to be at a conference there.  She didn't realize we were close enough to pop over.  We stayed for dinner and overnight at her hotel.  What a wonderful, unexpected surprise!  Jim and Vicki both flew into San Antonio in January, 2002 for a conference that had been postponed because of September 11th.  We drove the motorhome up to an RV park close to downtown where they were staying for the conference.  Although we had driven the motorhome to Indiana, they didn't get a chance to see it.  We left it at the factory in Indiana and then drove the Saturn over to Iowa to visit them there.  They had just moved to Coralville in July, so it was a hectic summer for both of us with selling our homes and moving.  We only had a couple of days, but managed to squeeze in a couple dinners together and some sightseeing in San Antonio.

Vicki With Us By RV Inside Vic & Jim Out to Dinner Cousin Bob

We made a trip to Indiana in September 2001, and ended up at Jim and Vicki's on the 11th after the news broke about the Twin Towers.  Vicki, was supposed to fly out of Cedar Rapids that morning on a business trip and her husband Jim was to fly out later in the day.  Instead we were all together.

Vic Dad Jim