Cincinnati, Ohio


Perhaps I was a bit quick on the draw to label this section Cincinnati.  The Cincinnati airport is actually the Cincinnati/No. Kentucky International Airport and other than driving through Cincinnati to get to northern Kentucky, we didn't spend much time there.  We found a campground in Walton, Kentucky and spent most of our time in northern Kentucky.  Vicki flew in from Raleigh on Friday and spent the night with us at the campground.  Jim flew in from Baltimore on Saturday.  We checked out Main Strasse in nearby Covington on Sunday, but most of the shops were closed.  We walked the RV park, got a little sun at the pool, went out to dinner, but mostly, we just hung out together.  And, we did subject them to the latest technological version of slide shows.  

View of Cincinnati  Dad and Vicki Look at Pictures
View of Cincinnati Ball Park Vicki and Dad Out for  a Walk
Vicki & Mom Meet at the Airport Jim & Vicki in the RV
Vicki & Mom Out Strolling on Main Strasse Out to Dinner with Vicki & Jim
Mom & Vicki at the Fountain Vicki & Jim "Coordinated"

We also put Jim's French to the test.  After we left Canada, I received an email from Karine Gagnon, a reporter with Le Journal de Quebec working on an article about Americans coming to Quebec to find their family history.   She had interviewed our friend, Andre, at the Genealogical Society.  He gave her my email address and the address of the website.  The resulting article was published on August 11, 2003.  She emailed me a PDF file of the article, but it was in French.  So Jim did a quick translation for us.  Basically she used the information from the website (under Quebec City and Ile D'Orleans) and she used several of the pictures as well.

PDF File of Article (in French) Jim at Work Translating the Article