Biloxi, Mississippi

We made it from Tennessee all the way down to the Gulf Coast in one day's drive.  Normally we'd take longer, but there was little traffic and we just kept on going.  Luckily we got in early enough to get one of the last two RV spaces at Keesler AFB.  We drove down Highway 90 to see what has changed since we were through here three years ago.  The area has really been cleaned up.  It is such a shame to see all the empty lots where the beautiful old homes used to be.  Waffle House has definitely made a comback (Terry loves their waffles!).  The dunes are looking good and the casinos are as busy as ever.  There was even a big Classic Car show going on all week all over the area.  We had lunch and spent the afternoon in Ocean Springs where we walked through some neat shops.