July-August 2010

What a treat to just be neighbors to Vicki and Jim for a couple of weeks.  We were also neighbors at the park we camped at to an RV just like ours (we don't see one very often).  It turned out to be owned by one of the guys on Terry's team in the golf tournament in Forest City. There was still some flooding and the Iowa River was running at or close to flood stage. Vicki just got back from a month in Turkey, so her schedule was pretty hectic, but we managed to squeeze in lots of lunches and dinners and even a day of golf.  Gerry managed to find his way to the golf course several more times as well while Terry worked on her book.  We made our usual trek out to the Amana Colonies and visited downtown.  Also made a quick trip up to Cedar Rapids to visit Ester, a roundabout cousin of Gerry's, and her daughter.