July 2010

MILWIT National Rally

A visit to Forest City is always exciting.  Two weeks is a long time to party, though, and we are usually worn out when we leave. We were among the first to arrive and enjoyed greeting old friends and making new ones.  Bill wasted no time in  recruiting helpers and new members.  As part of the nominating committee Gerry coulsd be assured that he would not be drafted for a position, but he stepped up and helped Steve as an auctioneer for our big auction and did a really nice job.  The Puckerbrush parade is always fun and the MILWITs have a fine float.  Shown below are just a few of the folks who attended.  We took one day away from the Grand National Rally the second week to drive up to the Minneapolis area to see Gerry's nephew Tom (and Carol) and meet his latest granddaughter, who is a real sweetheart.  After the closing ceremonies, we watched the BIG tow trucks pull some of the RVs out of the mud from all the rain.  Luckily, we were not one of them!