January, 2010

Lodi, California


Have any of read Robin Burcell's books?  You are in for a treat if you have not.  Robin was a police officer in Lodi where our niece Sandy is secretary to the Chief of Police.  Terry read the first book out of curiosity, but after that she could not wait for the next book to come out.  When she can get lost in a book without thinking about plot construction or characterizations, that means it is a great read.  Sandy has managed to get autographed copies of her books for Terry, and Terry and Robin have corresponded on email.  Sandy has been trying to arrange for them to meet on one of her trips to Lodi.  This time it happened!  Sandy, Terry and Robin met at the local House of Coffees where Terry questioned Robin about the process of publishing - and got some great advice.  Robin's latest book, The Bone Chamber, was just released.  Check out Robin's website at www.robinburcell.com and tell them Terry sent you!! 

Our visit was way too short, but we could not come within 80 miles of Lodi and not stop.  Sandy was not complaining about the short stay.  She reminded us that this is the FIRST time ever we have been there three times in just a few months.  It was good to see her husband Gary doing so much better now that he's about recovered from hip replacement surgery.  We did not corner him for a photo this time though. 

Terry's best friend of 50+ years, the other Terry, drove down from Sacramento with her sister Bonnie for the better part of a day.  They enjoyed just hanging out together and catching up.

And we got to spend time with brother Don and Lena who look marvelous at 80+.  Gerry's nephew Rick, who has had a very rough few months, is on the mend and looking good.  Sam & Jill, his and Wendy's twins, were home from college, and we caught them at the end of a long run.  Their brother Tom agreed to having his photo taken as well.  They all humor Aunt Terry.  Colleen and Bill look better.  Son Lee is taking good care of them!  Sister Ann still lives alone, and at 80++, is in reasonably good health.  She takes the least medications of all the siblings.  We swoop in and take her out to eat (or out for yogurt) and then we leave.  But she handles it well.

This is the first time Terry's been in town when Sandy had her Stampin' Up meeting and she invited her along for a girls' night out of card making and eating delicious goodies and visiting.  It made for some quality time for Terry and Sandy.