Tipton,  Iowa


July 2008


We found a campground off the beaten path near Tipton, Iowa, where four other couples joined us for what we've called our Pre-rally Rendezvous.   Art & Gerrie, the couple we met at the MILWIT Central Rally in Springfield, Illinois, got there first.  We joined them on the 4th of July as did Wayne & Sheila.  That night the campground put on a wonderful fireworks display.  The following week Jack & Millie and Al & Billie arrived.  All of us were headed for the MILWIT National Rally and WIT Grand National Rally in Forest City, Iowa.  We just needed a place to hang out until we could get into the grounds there.  Although the campground was a large one, very few large motorhomes visit there - probably because of the miles and miles of gravel road to get there.  Lots of local folks leave their trailers and fifth wheels there for the summer and come up on weekends.  The guys spent hours cleaning the dust and dirt off the rigs and the tow cars.  But it was a beautiful spot and we had one area all to ourselves.  After the weekend we were about the only ones there.  Tipton is very small, but friendly - and it has a Wal-Mart.  There are not many places to eat out, but we managed to find a few.  Gerrie & Art prepared dinner for everyone one night, we did one night, and Sheila & Wayne did a fabulous breakfast.  Jack & Wayne brought out the new karaoke equipment and entertained us.  As you can see, we enjoyed our stay.
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